My experience with Howie & Huggins was an excellent one! Phil was an honest, straightforward guy and his team really knows how to stage a sale! The house set-up and the picture advertisement on their web site were awesome. They emptied the entire house, leaving only the appliances and curtain rods. I recommend them wholeheartedly, these guys can sell!
S. Morham, Salt Lake City, Utah
May 2017
Being the executor of an estate is quite a task, so I was glad that Howie & Huggins was recommended to me to handle the sale of our Mom's estate. They were prompt and professional and handled everything. The property was beautifully displayed and respected. They completely handled advertising, prepared every item for sale and sold everything in the house and cleaned the house after the sale. I was so thankful for the service they provided during a very difficult time for our family and would highly recommend them to anyone facing similar circumstances.
D. Eskew, Fayetteville, NC
April 2017